Artist is like a scientist or a researcher, investigating the matter of the soul. I let my subconscious free to lead me towards what I don’t know, and this is exciting and frighting at the same time.

Strongly influenced by the Impressionist artists and the Landscape painters during my formative years, but also fascinated by the immersive power of narrative and the spoken word, I’ve developed a body of work which deftly subverts the perceived boundaries between painting and poetry, representation and abstraction.

Studying architecture at the Institute of Architecture in Venice, I discovered Venice and I had many collaborations with international artists, developing a curiosity for sculpture and installation as well, learning the power of materials and lights and the theatrical relationship between artworks and space.

My work is multidisciplinary, but I’m essentially a painter. I educate my hands and my mind as a painter, and I mix media like I mix colours. I like to work with different levels of narrative, mainly combining painting, writing and collage.

Silvia Righetti was born on Lake Garda (Italy). She develops the passion for the painting very young.

The meeting with the painter Maurizio Zanolli and taking part in few group exhibitions marked hers calling.

She obtained a Degree in Architecture, specializing in Contemporary Theatre, at the Institute of Architecture of Venice, Italy, and she studied in Paris at the  School of Architecture of Paris Belleville (EAPB) 78, Paris, France.

She was designer and studio manager for multimedia artist Federica Marangoni, Venice.

She worked at the Remy Toledo Gallery in New York and she had a long experience as Production Manager and Designer for the Venice international Art and Architecture Biennale.

In 2007, she relocated in UK, where, between London and Glasgow, she worked as art director for international independent projects of contemporary art and design.

She lives and work between London and the Lake Garda.

Silvia Righetti
Loughborough Junction
SE5 London